Vĩnh Long: Over 650 billion dong poured into project of food safety pangasius farming area

The project of support for building the 80ha pangasius farming area is trained, evaluated and granted good manufacturing practice certificates upon VietGAP.

On August 12, Nguyễn Văn Liệt, Vice Chairman of Vĩnh Long provincial People’s Committee signed Decision no.1633/QĐ-UBND approving the project of “Support to build an food safety pangasius production area upon the VietGAP farming method, period 2023-2025” under the Program of Agricultural Extension.

The project aims to build pangasius farming areas in the direction of sustainable development applying the VietGAP procedure so as to improve the product quality and assure food safety, disease safety, environmental safety and traceability. The project will be a basis for the application of high technology and digital transformation in the pangasius intensive culture model. The project also aims to enhance the credibility and competitiveness of Vietnamese pangasius in the global market.

The project is invested by both the Government and people. The total fund is VND 650,056 million. The completion time is three years, 2023-2025. The Government provide 100% of the costs of training, evaluation and certification of VietGAP; 20% of supplement substances to feed and probiotics; 100% of the costs of supervision for prevention of disease outbreaks; 100% of the costs of supervision for environmental control of grow-out ponds; and 100% of the costs for checking the overuse of prohibited substances in aquaculture. People provide the reciprocal capital for the rest expenses (100% of the costs of rehabilitation, broodstocks, feed, farming system construction, materials, labors, and 80% of the costs of supplement substances to feed and probiotics).

The project covers 80ha of pangasius farming farms certified by VietGAP. The farming technique will be transferred in accordance with the VietGAP process; diseases will be actively supervised and prevented; the environment will be protected and the overuse of prohibited substances will be controlled. 


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