Cà Mau builds certified shrimp farming area

Cà Mau province is planning to build a certified shrimp farming area to supply organic materials for export.

Cà Mau is also focus on shrimp-mangrove and shrimp-rice areas that are granted ecology, organic certification, VietGAP, ASC, and GlobalGAP.

The province is aiming to reach 279,000 hectares of brackish water shrimps (yield 233,000 tons) and 15,000 hectares of giant freshwater shrimps (yield 4,500 tons) by 2020.

They will provide training courses, technology – science introduction; develop effective and sustainable farming models; reorganize production and apply such schemes as VietGAP, GlobalGAP, BAP, CoC, ecology, organic to control quality of products.

Shrimp farming areas will be reviewed to separate intensive areas and super-intensive areas suitably. A project of developing a centralized shrimp farming area will be implemented in Tân Duyệt commune of Đầm Dơi district in direction of large scale.

Provincial People’s Committee plans to expand certified shrimp farming areas, especially develop company-society model that is bringing high economic efficiency in Cà Mau.

Vice Chairman of Cà Mau People’s Committee Lê Văn Sử said that we must have policy to help companies overcome their challenges in order to fulfill our plans. They will request local authorities to review and plan unused lands for shrimp farming. Company-society model will be developed so that both companies and farmers earn profit and share risks during production.

According to Lê Văn Quang, Chairman of Management Board and General Director of Minh Phú Group, such model is the most sustainable in shrimp production.

In the next time, Minh Phú will support farmers to get some loans to invest into shrimp production and promote company-society model.

Cà Mau has more than 280,000 hectares of shrimp farming area with 176,500 tons of shrimps to be produced in 2018 and average capacity of 628kg/ha/year.

Industrial shrimp farming area is 9,450 hectare, 2,000 ha of which is super-intensive area with capacity of 40-50 tons/ha/crop.


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