Vinh Phuc: Encourage farming of new aquatic species

This is one of the policies of Vinh Phuc province to exploit the potentials and strengths of aquaculture development. Besides, Vinh Phuc province has issued many mechanisms and policies to support farmers.

In recent years, the fisheries sector of Vinh Phuc province has been quite developed with many different forms of culture such as culture in ponds, lagoons, reservoirs, tanks, and cage culture. The method of semi-intensive and intensive farming is increasingly being expanded. Many concentrated farming areas bring high efficiency such as production, nursing and trading of aquatic breeds in the communes of Yen Lap, Dai Dong, Tan Tien (Vinh Tuong); commercial fish farming in communes: Phu Da, Tuan Chinh (Vinh Tuong), Tam Hong, Yen Dong, Nguyet Duc, Lien Chau (Yen Lac).

In the province, there are many models of aquaculture applying high technology such as tilapia, carp … with the technology of “river in pond” in the communes: Dong Van, Nguyet Duc (Yen Lac); tilapia farming using Biofloc technology of Israel in 2 communes: Trung My (Binh Xuyen), Ngoc Thanh (Phuc Yen). Many new aquatic species with economic value have been put into production by farmers such as freshwater clams for pearls, porcupine snakeheads, flower bananas, sturgeon, frogs, snails …

According to the Vinh Phuc Fisheries Department, in order for the fisheries sector to develop stably, in the coming time, the province continues to encourage the conversion of low-lying rice fields to rice-fish models and rice-fish production areas to specialized in intensive fish farming; exploit the potential of freshwater areas in existing rivers, reservoirs and low-lying fields to develop concentrated aquaculture areas. Prioritize the development of farming species with economic value, develop farming in the form of association, intensive farming, large-scale concentration…


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