Cà Mau: Deploy the project of developing crab and blood cockle products

Cà Mau has just deployed the project of developing crab and blood cockle products and another project of sustainable development of the crab sector in Cà Mau up to 2030.

Cà Mau has the largest aquaculture area in the country, about 303,000 ha, accounting for nearly 30% of the total farming area of Vietnam and about 40% of the farming area of the Mekong Delta.

Besides shrimp, mud crab and blood cockle are species in a high demand for domestic consumption and exports. However, crab and blood cockle aquaculture faces some difficulties, for example: the production of breeding stock hasn’t met requirements in both quality and quantity; these species are reared in extensive ponds, facilities are small scale, selling prices are unstable, most of the products are live and fresh but processed, the market is quite small, products are exported mainly through border gates, and the access to credit is difficult.

Cà Mau has about 252,000 of land used for crab culture, producing 24,500 tons. The project aims to have 265,000 ha of crab farms by 2030, with an annual yield of 0.11 ton/ha on average, hence the total output of 29,000 tons. As many as 1.4 billion breeding stocks are intentionally produced per year, meeting 100% of the stocking demand.

About 7,500 ha will be spent on blood cockle culture, producing 6,500 tons per year. The project aims to have 18,400 ha of blood cockle farms, with productivity of 1,2 tons/ha and the annual output of 22,080 tons.


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