60 tons of fish washed away by flood, loss of billions dong

More than 60 tons of fish in 40 cages were washed away by flood, leaving damage of over three billion dong to Quảng Nam people.

Early December 09 heavy rains led to the rising of Bàn Thạch river (An Phú ward, Tam Kỳ city, Quảng Nam province), leaving huge damage with 40 red-tilapia cages of 80 ones by Nguyễn Xuân Ngọc (41, resident of Trường Xuân ward, Tam Kỳ city)being cut off and swept along the torrents. Ngọc and his family tried so hard to keep the cages but 40 cages were washed away by sudden flood and 60 tons of fish flew into Bàn Thạch river.

Ngọc said that his family implemented 80 red-tilapia cages four months ago. The incident made him lose over3 billion dong. He is managing to keep the remaining cages but may try in vain if the sudden rush of water occurs. This is the first time he has suffered such serious loss.

Ngọc’s family is the only one rearing fish on Bàn Thạch river. Tam Kỳ city authority has warned people who works with aquaculture on Tam Kỳ and Bàn Thạch rivers not to rear fish in flood season.


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