Billionaire from lobster farming in Cam Ranh bay

In the last ten years, many people have become billionaires from lobster farming in the 10 square kilometer Bình Ba island of Cam Ranh bay.

Fisherman Nguyễn Văn Đấu, 60 years old, who was born and grew up in Bình Ba island, is one of the pioneers in lobster farming in Cam Ranh bay. His six children, he said, are following his career with between 50 and 100 cages.

In Bình Ba island there live a female billionaire Trần Võ Linh Thoa and her husband who are owning 100 cages of rock lobster. She tried to rear lobsters in Vĩnh Hy island once. However when the flock suffered from a disease in 2000, she and her husband left for Bình Ba island where they started with very few lobster cages and get their success today. Bình Ba island is one of places having the best lobsters along the coastal area of the Middle.

Among billionaires of Bình Ba island, some quit their job from the mainland like Nguyễn Thanh Sơn and his wife. In 2013 he had gone to Bình Ba and enjoyed fresh air of the island, and then he had decided to buy over one hundred square meter land to build a house for his family vacation. He was so unintelligibly attracted by the island that he met many local people who were managing to live on the island. He decided to invest into lobster farming in cages. Four hundred rock lobsters were harvested in the first season, making his earning of nearly 200 million dong ($ 8,000) benefit. He and his wife focused on green lobster cages with 250 lobsters each. Twenty-one cages are built under the sea in front of his hotel, one cage filled with big lobsters for instant service inside.

Binh Ba island is officially named Cam Binh commune in Cam Ranh city, Khanh Hoa province with around 7,000 residents. In the holidays the number of travellers is approximately equal to total population of the commune. Those who visit Binh Ba will not leave without enjoying cooked fresh lobsters.

>> There are two types of lobster farmed in Binh Ba island, rock lobster and green lobster. One kilogram rock lobster can be harvested after 18 month farming while green lobster of three or four per one kilogram may be sold after 12 month farming. Price of rock lobster in the island is around 1.6 million dong per one kilogram, half more than that of green lobster and others. Farming rock lobsters brings a lot of benefit but comes with potential risks and large amount of capital.


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