Quảng Nam: Super white leg shrimp farm worth 40 billion dong

This is the first time there has been a firm in Quảng Nam spending 40 billion dong ($190.000 US) on building a 6ha-enclosed farm to rear white leg shrimps.

On February 14, Vice Chairman of Quảng Nam People’s Committee, Departments and Offices paid a visit to a super farm of white leg shrimps of QNTECK Company located in BìnhHải commune, ThăngBình district, Quảng Nam province.This is the largest shrimp farm of Quảng Nam as it is 60ha and invested 40 billion dong.

Trần Bá Cương who is in charge of technique work in QNTET Company says that was the first crop of the company stocking 20 million shrimp post.

This is an closed shrimp farm where shrimps are reared by Micro-Nano Oxygen with dissolved oxygen in water being kept at least 6ppm, herbal additives like Polyscias, garlic, guava being mixed with powder to make feed. Only probiotics available in the environment is used. Add-in probiotics are not used for organic dissociation. Stocking density is around 350 PL/m2.

They apply Micro-Nano Ozone technology in waste water rotation treatment and minimize algae density in the pond.

“Set up a plan to farm organic shrimps without antibiotics to increase productivity and achieve high economic efficiency. We may develop aquaculture in Quảng Nam in the next time and expand the farm to 100ha for industrial implementation”, said Cương.

In Cương’s opinion, stocking of this crop was 85 days ago and harvest will take place in the next ten days when shrimp size would be 40pcs/kg and total earnings about 70 billion dong.

Vice Chairman of Quảng Nam People’s committee Lê Trí Thanh says on-sand shrimp culture by pond liner was conducted by most of farmers themselves. Extensive farms have developed in Quảng Nam before with basic technique in watering, rearing technology, and poor waste water treatment, making the local coastal area polluted.Thanh said that the closed farm by QNTECK has been improved compared to others in the country. Even it has the most advanced waste water treatment system of all.

“The model is being encouraged in Quảng Nam. We advise companies to work with farmers to build quality shrimp farming areas that can bring high economic efficiency and adapt weather and markets”, said Thanh.

According to Thanh, Quảng Nam is focusing in agriculture that is applied with high technology to create organic products. Now over 3,000ha has been planned for high-tech agriculture development and 300ha is now being invested with high-tech.

“This is the shrimp farming model that Quảng Nam authorities decide to introduce in trial basis. In aquaculture development, a strategy in consumption market needs to be formulated and shrimp processing factory need be built.”


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