Cà Mau: Mantis shrimp farming in plastic cage

Farmers in Nà Chim hamplet (Lâm Hải commune, Năm Căn district, Cà Mau province) have studied and succeeded in farming mantis shrimp in plastic cages.

Farmer Vũ Văn Hiện, living in Nà Chim hamlet, Lâm Hải commune, pioneered in farming mantis shrimp in cages in late 2017. He firstly launched the pilot farming with fifty juvenile shrimp at average price of 18,000 VND each.

Hand-made plastic cages are put in the shrimp pond

“I have seen many people farming shrimp in ponds, some farming in plastic pipes in vain. I thus figured farming in plastic cages might bring a huge success with 80 -90 percent survival rate and better growth”, said Hiện.

According to Hiện, farming in plastic cages may enable mantis shrimp to grow naturally. Besides, plastic cages may prevent shrimps from contamination by predatory, facilitate the feeding and management.

Other farmers are following Hiện’s farming system

“It is very easy to breed mantis shrimps without adding growth promoters . Mantis shrimps may be sold after three or four month aquaculture. Mantis shrimp type I (over 150gr each) is sold at around 1.2 million VND per kilogram, type II between 450 thousand and 500 thousand VND per kilogram. In the first season I earned 21 million VND, excluding cost”, Hiện added. He began the second crop in May this year with two hundred mantis shrimps and is preparing for harvest.

Over ten households in Nà Chim hamlet are following his farming system.  They are eager with stable juvenile shrimp, steady price and suitable farming environment. These hand-made cages shall be used for the next season. This farming system does bring economic effects.


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