Kiên Giang: Huge amount of freshwater pouring into the sea, causing mass fish death in cages

Head of Agriculture and Rural Development Office of Kiên Hải district, Võ Văn Võ said that huge amount of freshwater pouring into the sea has caused death to fish in cages around Hòn Tre commune area.

According to statistics, 91 fish cages of 19 households were affected, mainly cobia and golden kingfish which are between one and three months old and weighing 0.3 – 2 kilogram each. Particularly, 14,210 cobias were dead in 85 cages of 19 households, leaving damage around 710 million VND. Total 5,500 golden kingfish were dead in 6 cages of 4 households, about 220 million VND lost. No damage has been recorded with grouper fish and others, but more fishes might be found dead once they cannot stand continuous low salinity anymore.

Võ said under this circumstance, his office is persuading farmers to harvest cobias once they gain between 3 and 5 kilogram each to reduce the imminent damage. By September 06, 3.850 kilograms of cobia have been harvested by five households and sold at 100 thousand – 150 thousand VND per kilogram.

After discovering freshwater is the cause to death of fishes and the situation of low salinity may continue in the upcoming flood season, Agriculture and Rural Development Office of Kiên Hải district has suggested that local people should monitor fish frequently and examine the salinity of water in order to harvest the crop earlier to retrieve as much money as possible. If the fishes are too small for harvest, they have to be moved or sold to other farmers at places without freshwater penetration. Moreover, feed should be reduced while Vitamin C and mineral should be added so that fishes will raise immunity and survive regardless of unfavorable water conditions. In the long run, farmers must select suitable subjects, reduce cobia and reschedule the crop to harvest before flood season.


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