Cà Mau raises milkfish in shrimp pond sold at 90 thousand dong/kg after four months

Hứa Văn Quyền in Kinh Ba hamlet (Tam Giang Đông commune, Năm Căn district, Cà Mau province) practices milkfish culture in shrimp pond with little help from Aquaculture Sub-department. After four month, this strange fish is sold at 90,000 dong/kg.

Cà Mau Aquaculture Sub-department in association with Tam Giang Đông People’s committee and households are raising milkfish in shrimp ponds. It was firstly carried out on August 05, 2018 by farmer Hứa Văn Quyền in Kinh Ba hamlet, Tam GiangĐông commune, Năm Căn district, stocking 2,500 young milkfish in two ponds of 0.5 hectares. Young milkfish were wild caught in Bình Định and sold at 8,000 dong/pcs shipping charges included. The trials are 100% supported with young milkfish, feed and drug, funded by The National New Rural Construction Program in 2018.

After more than four months, farmed milkfish weigh up to 300 – 400g/pcs averagely. Natural milkfish may reach 10kg/pcs. Harvest size of milkfish in Bình Định is 500 – 700g/pc. This fish is sold at 80 – 90 thousand dong/kg in the market.


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