Cà Mau: Successfully try on shrimp farming model without water discharging

The shrimp farming model without water discharging is also called the three-stage super intensive white leg shrimp farming model which has been invested and tried in Cà Mau for the first time.

Since zero water discharge system was studied and successfully applied in shirmp culture, Cà Mau’s worry about water pollution has been eased. According to households in Cái Nước district, the model has brought in high efficiency, reducing the costs on chemical substances for water treatment, labor, and water change. The production rose by 20% from before.

This model requires 4,500 m2 of land to construct a grow-out pond and a raceway system. The total fund is over 2,1 billion dong, three times as much as the conventional model, but it brings in high economic value, helps control the environment factor, increase the survival rate and secure biosafety.

The model helps cut down the production costs, the output can reach 60 – 70 tons/crop with 6 – 8 crops being carried out per year, hence increasing the production. The amount of carbon discharged by 1 kg of shrimp is extra low. Consumers don’t have to worry about chemical substances or antibiotics. This is the most significant achievement that the model brings in.

The system works continually all day and night, thus the microbiome is provided with nutrients constantly. In the long run, this model can improve the gas emission and climate change as it helps reduce the carbon volume discharged to the environment.

Châu Văn Thọ, deputy director of the Department of Science and Technology concluded: “This is an entirely closed super-intensive shrimp farming technology which can carry out the tasks of rearing shrimp and protecting the environment at the same time. It can be affirmed that this is a sustainable shrimp farming model which will be multiplied widely in Cà Mau province.”

However, as the investment fund is high, the Department of Science and Technology proposed to the province to establish a fund for science and technology development so as to financially support local shrimp farmers.


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