Khánh Hoà practices lobster farming in Vân Phong Bay

Southern coastal Khánh Hòa province of NhaTrang city is 60km long,. Not only do tourists come here for sightseeing, but also they have a chance to experience the interesting lobster farming.

Along the mountains surrounding Vân Phong Bay, lobsters, cobia, and groupers are reared in floating cages which are built next to each other to form a village on the sea. Resident inVân Phong Bay have figured out and developed aquaculture, especially lobster farming in cages for a very long time. Many farmers seem so attached with this culture that they make careful selection for lobsters’ feed which are mainly fresh clams and cockles bought from the land.

Farmer Trần Vinh living in Vạn Lương commune, Vạn Ninh district says “My family have spent 18 favorable years farming lobsters in Vân Phong Bay, and quality of lobsters are good. Traders come and pay a deposit after lobsters are stocked for some months. Despite Tet Holiday, we spend one or two days at home worshiping the ancestors and visiting relatives, then we go to floating houses”.

Nguyễn Đức Minh, an officer of Aquaculture Office under Khánh Hòa Fisheries Sub-Department says: “Water quality in Vân Phong is stable, geographical location and pedology are suitable for lobster farming. Fresh water running into the Bay during flood season does not have much impact, therefore, lobsters weigh up well”.

After feeding, cages are cleaned carefully. Lobsters are delicious as they are taken good care. Each may weigh up 0,7-1kg after 10-12 months. Vice chairman of Vạn Thạnh commune People’s committee (Vạn Ninh district) Lê Hoàng Vương says that lobster farming in sea cages has developed and made local farmers earn much money. Local people’s living standards and social economy have been raised for five years. Visiting Khánh Hòa in Tet Holiday without enjoying lobsters might be a regret as visitors do not feel a real trip to such a coastal area.


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