Plan to reach 2.25 million tons of seafood in QII

According to cumulative sum of the first three months in 2019 reported by Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD), total seafood yield reachs 1.46 million tons, up 4.9% year-on-year, with farmed products being 646.8 thousand tons and exploited ones reaching 820.5 thousand tons.

Total seafood in QI increase by 1.1% as compared to forecasted number, with exploited products exceeding 1.7%. They plan to reach 2.25 million tons of total seafood volume in QII, with more than one million tons from exploitation and 1.25 million tons from aquaculture.

To fulfill the plan, authorities of fisheries industry plan to supervise seafood production, especially shrimp and pangasius farming in the Mekong Delta, and focus on developing value chain to link production with consumption to minimize risks and maintain the balance of supply and demand. They need perform environment surveys and give warning in centralized farming areas, carry out patrolsto supervise production and transport facilities of brackish water shrimps, feed, and environment treating products.

Local authorities have to instruct farmers to follow new regulations of seafood exploitation upon Fisheries Law, guide and handle certification cases, confirm exploited seafood, manage fishing boats at ports, public new regulations of fisheries inspection, and impose quota of exploitation license at prefectures upon regulations in Fisheries Law 2017.

Besides, they are supposedto develop solutions to IUU prevention in prefectures, build plans and prepare document that MARD need to work with the European Commission (EC), set up training courses about carrying out IUU recommendations by EC, prepare the dialogue when the inspection team of EC come to work about IUU for the first time, and build a project for trials of sustainable marine aquaculture.

By QI, seafood value is estimated to reach 1.75 billion USD, up 0.5% year-on-year with pangasius reaching 483 million USD, up 10.7% and shrimps 676 million USD, down 9%.


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