Quảng Ninh aims to become the north’s shrimp capital

Quảng Ninh has been taking its advantages in developing local fisheries industry for years. It is putting an effort towards becoming a spotlight of aquaculture in the north, especially shrimp sector.

Full potential

Quảng Ninh has long coastline, over 250 km, sea surface of 6,100 km2, tidal area 40,000 ha, gulf channel 20,000 ha and more than 2,000 islands in Hạ Long Bay and Bái Tử Long Bay. In 2017, the province had 20,600 ha farming ponds and 9,600 cages, producing over 54,000 tons with shrimps being key species (10,603 ha, 11,558 tons), bivalve mollusk (3,446 ha, 23,216 tons), fresh water fish (3,200 ha, 10,507 tons) and marine fish (1,700 ha, 5,615 tons).

According to plans, Quảng Ninh will develop infrastructure for aquaculture and expand brackish and seawater farming areas to 17,600 ha by 2020. They are planning to have 3,120 ha of freshwater farming area, producing over 17,710 tons.

Besides aquaculture, the province is organizing a lobby for appealing companies to take part in post larvae production so that Quảng Ninh will become the hatchery center of the North, especially shrimp post.

Pay attention to trademark

Móng Cái city is one of the places where program “One commune one product” (OCOP) is carried out effectively with white leg shrimps being certified VietGAP.

Móng Cái has over 50 km coastline, more than 6,000 ha of tidal areas, 2,700 ha of ponds for aquaculture. The city is rich of natural resources and abundant farmed products that have high value and favorable consumption market. Local farmers are encouraged to apply science, technology, and advanced management schemes (GAP, BMC, CoC) in centralized farming areas to enhance quality and productivity. The city plans to put its farmed products into OCOP such as white leg shrimps (dried shrimps, boiled shrimps), flower crabs (salt shredded meat, grinded crab, spice), which meet standards and are labeled, to penetrate local market and export. Of all OCOP products of Móng Cái, white leg shrimps which meet VietGAP scheme have been known to many regions of the country.


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