Quảng Ninh: Marine aquaculture in combination with tourism

The Phất Cờ cooperative in Vân Đồn district of Quảng Ninh province is working with Truong Phat plastic group to test the model of marine aquaculture in combination with tourism.

The Phất Cờ island is located on Bái Tử Long bay, about 1.5km away from the Việt – Mỹ tourist area (in Hạ Long commune of Vân Đồn, Quảng Ninh). The island pioneered applications of advanced technologies into seafood culture in combination with tourism.

The Phất Cờ cooperative was established in 2017 with an aim to produce and protect the environment of the farming area. The farmed species are mainly fishes, oyster, clam, and sweet snails. The Cooperative has just succeeded in producing cottonii seaweed in Bái Tử Long bay.

With an aim to replace floating materials in aquaculture with sustainable and eco-friendly materials, the Cooperative was the pioneer in using HDPE floats and cages in Quảng Ninh. The Cooperative is working with Truong Phat Plastic Group to invest into and build a model of marine aquaculture in combination with tourism.

A floating farm will be built on a 5ha land with areas: a 240m2 managing house as reservation with a capacity of 60 people, cages for visitors to swim, and a 16m2 check-in raft.

Besides, there will be 12 square cages, 16-30m2 each, 2 round cages with diameter of 12m, a 4ha land for oyster farming, a system for cottonii seaweed nursery (100 squares, 9m2), and a system to dry commercial seaweed (over 2,000m2).

Those areas are used for experimenting new species of high economic value as well as building an exhibition counter of floating materials in association with experience tourism. Tourists will have a chance to exchange experiences of designing, operating, and managing the farming model, especially they will experience fishing on rafts and enjoy a meal from species caught by themselves.

So as to enhance the economic value of a production area, the Phất Cờ cooperative was experimentally successful in intercropping Pacific oysters with cottonii seaweed.


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