Shrimp value chain for sustainable development

The linkage among shrimp farmers, producers and seafood exporters does indeed play an important role in the sustainable development of Vietnam’s seafood industry generally and shrimp sector particularly. What would the insider say about this?

Mr Trần Thanh Triều, Director of Thành Đạt Cooperative in Cây Dương hamlet, Long Điền commune, Đông Hải district, Bạc Liêu province says:

Before the harvesting, I usually contact the traders who promise to come at once for purchasing, however, just come after an intentional delay of three hours or more. Especially when something bad happens with the farming, they lower the price (for example from 100 thousand dong per kilogram to 95 thousand dong), then we have no option other than to sell them.

Mr Nguyễn Văn Lâm, Director of Cái Bát Aquaculture Cooperative in Hòa Mỹ commune, Cái Nước district, Cà Mau province says:

The SusV project has either created the value chain between enterprises and farmers or introduced farmers to the feed, drug and hatchery enterprises as well as seafood producers and consumers. Thanks to the value chain, the price of shrimp is surged and farmers knows where their shrimps are sold.

Mr Mã Văn Hồng, Director of Nông Ngư Hòa Đê Cooperative, Hòa Tú 1 commune, Mỹ Xuyên district, Sóc Trăng province says:

The linkage is carried out from hatchery to feed. Breeders are more qualified and feed price is lower than before. Enterprises are working together without agency; therefore, products are sold stably at a higher price than the market without being extorted by traders.

Mr Biên Việt Nhu, Chairman of the Board, General Director of South Vina Shrimp says:

Producers and farmers agree to sign a contract upon the mutual benefit. Producers may feel secure about quality and quantity of input materials. Farmers, who are free from worries on output and unstable price, shall concentrate on shrimp farming in compliance with technical requirements.

Mr Võ Văn Phục, General Director of VINACLEANFOOD says:

Around 6 million tons of shrimp are consumed every year in the world with 500 – 600 thousand tons exported from Vietnam. I presume the shrimp sector has a lot of potential for further development, but what matters is the ability to produce, supervise the production and exploit the market.

Mr Ngô Minh Tuấn, Director of Thanh Đoàn Company says:

Without the linkage, there will be a lack of material to supply customers. I think the cooperation between farmers and producers are absolutely essential.


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