A student won start-up award with project pangasius farming by herbs

A student from Vĩnh Long Technique Education University invents a pangasius farming model fed by herbs, bringing sustainable economic value.

According to a representative from Vĩnh Long Technique Education University, pangasius farming using herbs is a breakthrough in organic aquaculture, helping pangasius weigh up well, raise resistance, and fight against environmental changes. Pangasius will be harvested 5-7 days earlier than conventional farming. The model helps reduce a large amount of antibiotics and veterinary medicines in rearing and treatment.

The one behind this project is Phan Tấn Khải, a student from Food Technology Department of the University. He was awarded the third prize in the 2018 contest “students with start-up innovation” held by Ministry of Education and Training and became the only winner from Mekong Delta.

The model will boost economic growth of Mekong Delta in general and Vĩnh Long in particular, Khải says, it helps provide local residents with steady job and economic profits.

The project requires investment of 2.8 billion dong being carried out in 10,000 m² ponds within 24 months, with herb research and trials included. Not only is it attracted to the University but also companies. The University hopes that fisheries companies will support Khai to perform this model and bring huge benefits to Mekong Delta farmers, making Vietnam’s pagasius stand firm in global market.


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