Exploring Sustainable Fisheries Frontiers: Dive into the 2024 International

Aquaculture and Fisheries Expo Taiwan (IAFET)

The fisheries industry is undergoing a transformative shift, prioritizing sustainability and embracing innovative technologies to meet the ever-growing demand for seafood. The International Aquaculture and Fisheries Expo Taiwan (IAFET), scheduled for September 11-13, 2024, in Taipei, Taiwan, stands as a pivotal platform for exploring these exciting developments.

The core theme of the 2024 exhibition builds on the success of 2023, focusing on “Balancing Profitability and Sustainability,” in alignment with the global emphasis on sustainable and resilient agriculture amidst climate change. This curatorial direction is fortified by integrating the five pillars of “SMART – Sustainability, Market, Advance, Resilience, and Technology.” We invite you to be part of this event and witness the forward-looking future of agriculture.



Unveiling the International Green Agriculture Technology Expo (AGRIGREEN), showcasing renewable energy technologies, carbon capture & sequestration, circular regeneration, and carbon footprint verification (CFV) services. The focus is on emphasizing energy efficiency, carbon reduction, and biodiversity preservation.



Facing the increasing demand for global agricultural technology services, exhibitors can utilize our online pre-scheduling matchmaking platform. This facilitates connections with potential clients, engaging in discussions with buyers worldwide during the exhibition, providing opportunities to showcase unique features and explore business prospects.



Highlighting innovative technology, smart agri-machinery, eco-friendly farming, antibiotic-free and precise feeding, fresh packaging, industrial resilience, and sustainable development to drive advancements in the industry.



In response to climate change and market fluctuations, building resilience in the agriculture and fisheries industries is paramount. This involves enhancing adaptability through early warning systems, prevention, and control




Leveraging smart machinery, automated systems, and cutting-edge biotechnology is pivotal for enhancing the quality and yield of agricultural and fisheries products. This approach ensures intelligent, resilient, and sustainable development in agriculture.


SMART 2024 – If It’s Smart Agriculture, It’s Taiwan Smart Agriweek
The expansion to a 5-in-1 SMART agriculture exhibition in 2024 has generated positive industry feedback. With exhibitors from 20+ countries showcasing 2,000+ products, the event anticipates drawing visitors and professionals from 50+ countries, making it a highly anticipated industry expo in 2024. Serving as a comprehensive procurement platform, the exhibition is ideal for buyers pursuing expansion, digital transformation, industry upgrades, and sustainable development. It also serves as a meeting point for agricultural professionals, investors, and strategists, providing exhibitors with opportunities to enhance brand image, increase exposure, seek partnerships, explore new markets, and access a global trade platform. We are excited about collaborating with industry leaders to shape a new future for intelligent and sustainable agriculture and fisheries.


Market Opportunities: Embracing Sustainability and Innovation

  • Sustainable Fisheries – A Lucrative Future:Acknowledging the significance of resource conservation and responsible management, the industry is transitioning towards sustainable practices. This offers substantial business opportunities for companies and stakeholders contributing to responsible fishing practices and resource protection.
  • Smart Technologies for Enhanced Efficiency and Quality:Digitalization plays a crucial role in fisheries by leveraging the Internet of Things (IoT) and big data analytics to improve production efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and resource management.
  • Government Initiatives Foster Innovation:
    The Fisheries Agency, Ministry of Agriculture, offers subsidies for the installation of vessel camera systems and Automatic Identification Systems (AIS) to improve safety at sea and regulate fishing capacity.
  • Aquaculture Embraces Smart Solutions:
    As the role of aquaculture expands, Taiwan is leading the way in implementing intelligent fish farming solutions. AI-driven automation, IoT, and cloud-based management are employed to maximize productivity and efficiency.


  • Promoting Trust and Value in Aquatic Products:

Government initiatives in Taiwan are concentrated on traceability verification, certifications for quality Taiwanese aquatic products, and the promotion of organic and processed products. These efforts aim to build trust in high-quality seafood and encourage responsible consumption.

Aquatic Products – A Sustainable and Nutritious Choice:

  • Eco-Friendly and Resource-Efficient:Studies indicate that increased fish consumption, particularly from aquaculture, provides a more efficient protein source compared to other meat sources. This reduces pressure on land resources and contributes to a more sustainable food system.
  • Aquaculture Takes the Lead:According to the Food and Agriculture Organization, global aquaculture production reached record highs in 2018, contributing significantly to the total sales value of global fisheries and exceeding 60% of total production.

Why Exhibit at IAFET?

IAFET presents a unique opportunity for businesses to connect with potential partners, showcase their innovations, and explore the evolving landscape of the fisheries industry.

  • IAFET – A Hub for Innovation and Collaboration:IAFET, also known as the International Aquaculture and Fisheries Expo Taiwan (IAFET), embodies the synergy of sustainability, market dynamics, responsibility, and technology. It fosters discussions on cutting-edge advancements and drives intelligent solutions for the industry.
  • Connecting with International Buyers:IAFET attracts worldwide professional buyers, offering a platform for B2B matchmaking and efficient business networking.
  • Extensive Media Exposure:IAFET leverages media partnerships, press releases, and social media platforms to ensure comprehensive promotion for exhibitors and the event itself.
  • AI-Powered Website Enhances Visibility:The official website utilizes AI to optimize product searchability and enhance the visibility of pre- and post-exhibition press releases, extending reach and impact.
  • “AGRI NEXT TALK” Product Launch Platform:This exclusive session provides a unique platform for companies to launch new products and engage directly with potential customers.

Join IAFET 2024: Spearheading Excellence in the Evolution of Fisheries Industry
The Taiwan International Fisheries Show is a prime opportunity for businesses to tap into the expanding market for sustainable solutions in the fisheries industry. Focused on cutting-edge technologies and responsible practices, IAFET offers valuable networking opportunities, serving as a gateway to the industry’s future.

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