Khánh Hòa to focus on handling prohibited fishing activities

To protect coastal marine fisheries resources especially in bays and ponds, Khánh Hòa People’s Committee issued regulations of prohibiting marine fish exploitation in the area.

Khánh Hòa accordingly prohibits using explosive, impulse and poison in exploitation; forbids drift net and trawling in bays i.e. Cam Ranh, Nha Trang, Vân Phong and ponds Thủy Triều and Nha Phu. After the regulations are made, prohibited activities in the area have been reduced.

Head of Office of Inspection and Legislation under Khánh Hòa Sub – Department of Fisheries Trần Văn Cao said “Less farmers use prohibited tools to exploit marine fish in bays and ponds in the province as compared to the previous year. We have held 321 patrols and checked 1,143 rounds of vehicles since early this year. Twenty-eight cases were discovered and handled upon administrative procedures with nine tools being confiscated. In September 2017 more than 100 prohibited activities were found and handled”.

Khánh Hòa Sub – Department of Fisheries continues to work with sectors and local authorities to warn farmers to give up destructive fishing activities. Ships and canoes are assigned to work on duty and monitor the places where many boats and ships are involved with prohibited activities to reach timely settlement. The Sub – Department of Fisheries proposed Agriculture and Rural Development Department to recommend Provincial People’s Committee to adjust regulations of managing marine fish exploitation in the area so that more activities would be contained in the list of prohibition. Besides, farmers should be advised to change their work after they stop exploiting marine fish legally.


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