Bình Định tries hard to remove “yellow card” warning

Bình Định People’s Committee worked with the delegation from European Commission’s Directorate-General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries last week about fighting against IUU and implementation of the EC’s recommendations related to IUU fishing.

Director of Agriculture and Rural Development Department (ARDD) Phan Trọng Hổ represents Bình Định’s seafood management and exploitation to the delegation. Acting on IUU prevention and EC’s recommendations, thirteen (13) official documents are issued by Bình Định People’s Committee and sixteen (16) by ARDD in order to plan urgent actions and specific instructions to remove “yellow card” warning from EC.

In 2018, Bình Định has strictly handled cases committed to illegal fishing with owners being withdrawn their licenses and public on the portal office of Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. The list of fishing boats, owners and crew committed to illegal actions is public to the local Radio station. Documents of committed boats are handed in to authorities for further investigation and settlement. Leaders of Cát Minh, Cát Tiến (Phù Cát district), Hoài Thanh, Hoài Hương, Tam Quan Nam, Tam Quan Bắc and Hoài Mỹ (Hoài Nhơn district) and Mỹ Thành (Phù Mỹ district) are rebuked for their poor supervsion, leading to these cases of violation. Especially, two leaders of Phù Cát and Hoài Nhơn districts are directly placed responsibilities by Bình Định People’s Committee.

Vice Chairman of Bình Định Trần Châu answered the questions by delegations of EC in the working session. He affirmed that after the EU issued yellow card warning, Bình Định took much effort to implement EC’s recommendations to fight against IUU fishing. “We hope that EC will remove the “yellow card” by January 01st 2019”, said Châu.

Following the working session with Bình Định People’s Committee, EC delegation reviews activities at Quy Nhơn port in favor of EC’s recommendations against IUU fishing. Management Board of Quy Nhơn port introduced to the delegation about the port’s establishment, size, function, management and traceability.

Senator Gabriel Mato Adrover highly appreciates the activities of Quy Nhơn Port in fighting against IUU fishing with checking up on boats and crew, safety conditions, controlling the amount of exploited marine species and certification of exported seafood. He appraised the port managers for their cooperation with other agencies in IUU prevention.

“Vietnam’s Government and Bình Định People’s Committee place legal regulations in fishing and controlling boats, but fishing ports are supposed to implement them. If the implementation is failed, those regulations are just papers”, said Gabriel.

Right at Quy Nhơn port, EC’s delegation reviews the registration, document submission and traceability. Then they directly check an offshore fishing boat and talk with the owner about the fishing, location, storage, and selling.


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