Quy Nhơn: How busy the fishing port in the Middle area

Quy Nhơn fishing port is the busiest seafood wholesale market and transit of Bình Định province and the Middle as well.

Quy Nhơn fishing port was officially opened in 2003 and maintained and improved ever since. It has modern bridges, banks, and canals to become a “base” of offshore vessels. The port receives, delivers, proceeds and preserves seafood to provide provincial markets and Tây Nguyên. The favorable location enables hundreds of vessels of local farmers and other provinces to enter and sell their products and buy what they need such as material, food, ice water for their next trips.

Quy Nhơn fishing port

The vessels are full of fresh fishes of all kinds. 

Vessels being on stations are served with gas and oil

Classify fishes at the port

Waiting for loading

Ice is necessary for keeping fishes always fresh

The busiest time of Quy Nhơn fishing port is from 12PM to 6AM the next day


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