Release of rescued sea turtles to nature

Quảng Trị and Kiên Giang performed the release of rescued sea turtles along the beach on October 24 and 26. This contributes to the protection and regeneration of marine resources, especially endangered species.

Quảng Trị: Rescue two sea turtles

Quảng Trị discovered and released two rescued sea turtles on October 24 and 26. Early morning on 24th October, Management Office of Cồn Cỏ Island Marine Conservation Centre teamed up with Cửa Tùng Border Post released a rescued 10 kilogram sea turtle and attached an ID no.VN (C) 00049 on him. According to Management Office of Cồn Cỏ Island Marine Conservation Centre, 13 sea turtles have been rescued successfully since early this year.

Kiên Giang: Release 12 sea turtles to nature

On 26th October, Steering committee of Phú Quốc Agriculture, Forestry and Aquatic Protection Centre, Management Office of Phú Quốc Marine Conservation Centre and Phú Quốc Island Border Post released twelve sea turtles to the nature. There have been 40 sea turtles released to the sea since early 2018 with some weighed up to 50kg. This performance is to protect endangered value marine species  and conserve biodiversity of the country.


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