EU, US consumers keen on Vietnamese tuna and shrimp

There remains a growing demand for canned and processed seafood products in both the United States and EU markets, despite Covid-19 pandemic, according to the Vietnam Association of Seafood Exporters and Producers (VASEP).

Following a long period of enduring a downward trajectory, Vietnamese tuna exports to the EU enjoyed a rise of nearly 65% in July.

This growth has served to boost the proportion of total local tuna exports to the EU market throughout the seven-month period to more than 20%.

Most notably, the nation’s tuna exports to three major EU markets, including Germany, Italy, and the Netherlands, in July witnessed impressive growth of 119%, 200%, and 210%, respectively.

According to a number of local businesses, the Covid-19 pandemic has reduced the supply sources of tuna from countries such as Ecuador, the US, and Italy, thereby creating greater opportunities for Vietnamese tuna exports to these markets.

The VASEP therefore forecasts that the export of canned tuna will continue to increase considerably, despite the negative impact of the Covid-19 globally.

Meanwhile, shrimp exports to the US increased sharply in July, reaching a figure of approximately US$389 million, representing an annual rise of 16%, increasing total shrimp exports throughout the seven-month period by 8% to US$1.9 billion.

This increase in the export of Vietnamese shrimp to major markets can largely be attributed to the Vietnamese Government’s Covid-19 containment efforts, especially in comparison to other nations which are still struggling to combat the epidemic.

Moreover, shrimp exports to the Republic of Korea, the UK, Canada, and Australia have also enjoyed double digit-growth during the past month.


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