Ornamental fish export revenue up

HCM City earned more than US$11.5 million from exporting 9.3 million ornamental fish in the first half of the year, up 25% in output and 52% in revenue y-o-y, according to the municipal Department of Agriculture and Rural Development.

The key markets include the EU (55% of output) and Asia (31%), followed by the US, Africa and the Middle East. The rise in revenue thanks to higher prices for pet fish exported to the EU and Asia, according to the department.

Discus fish saw the highest export values ($4.7 million, with more than 135,000 fish). Other popular exported ornamental fish include neon fish, molly fish, sailfin molly, and seven-coloured fish, Siamese fighting fish. In 2015, the city exported 13 million ornamental fish and earned $12 million, doubling the 2010 figures, according to the department.

The city has set a target by 2020 to produce 150-180 million ornamental fish and export 40-50 million ornamental fish with export value of $40 million to $50 million.

To reach the target, the department needs to expand pet fish production area in districts 8, 9, 12, Gò Vấp, Thủ Đức, Củ Chi, Bình Chánh and Hóc Môn. The city has also mapped out breeding and technical programmes and outlined a roadmap to enhance ornamental fish development. The city will also build a website that will introduce ornamental fish breeding farms and enterprises to customers. The industry will also create efficient production models that provide disease-free fish for export and offer consultations about pet fish.

Vietnamese ornamental fish are sold in 47 markerts, with Europe accounting for 60-70% of the market share. The major buyers are Germany, the UK, Sweden, Denmark, France, Italy, Switzerland and the Czech Republic.


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