ASC awarded to clam farming co-operatives in Trà Vinh

On March 15, Trà Vinh provincial department of Agriculture and Rural Development cooperated with ICAFIS (under the Vietnam Fisheries Society) to hold a ceremony of handing over ASC certificate to Trà Vinh’s clam farming co-operatives.

The project “Sustainable and comprehensive development of clam supply chain in Vietnam” is financed by the European Union and performed by Oxfam in Vietnam, ICAFIS, and VCCI.

The project aims to enhance the ability of small scaled clam farmers so as to apply proper production knowledge and practise sustainability standards in clam farming in accordance with global qualification.

In Trà Vinh, ICAFIS in association with the department of Agriculture and Rural development, sub-department of Fisheries, Thành Công clam breeding co-operative, Tiến Thành clam-cockle breeding co-operative (in Long Hòa commune of Châu Thành district) are fulfilling criteria of clam farming for ASC certificate.

ASC certificate has been awarded to 433ha of clam farms in the three clam breeding co-operatives, Thành Công 200ha, Tiến Thành 193ha, and Long Thành 40ha.

Trà Vinh is the third locality of Vietnam and the third clam farming area in the world that has been awarded an ASC certificate. This certificate has created opportunities for exports of Trà Vinh clam to the world, boosting Trà Vinh’s clam sector to a new level and contributing to the social-economic development of the province.

At the ceremony, clam exporting companies and the three clam breeding co-operatives were granted ASC certificate and signed a memorandum of supply chain collaboration in Trà Vinh for sustainable development in the next few months.


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