Hải Phòng to release over 10 thousand of baby fish for aquatic resource restore

In the morning on March 21, Vietnam Fisheries Society and Hải Phòng provincial Fisheries Society held an event of fish release in Lưu Kiếm commune of Thủy Nguyên district, Hải Phòng city. The event was for aquatic resources restore in Sông Giá river. General Secretary of Vietnam Fisheries Society Hoàng Đình Yên, representatives from Hải Phòng provincial Agriculture and Rural Development Department, Agriculture and Rural Development Office of Thủy Nguyên district, and more than fifty delegates participated into the event.

The event was one of the activities for the 60th anniversary of traditional day of Vietnam’s Seafood Industry (1/4/1959 – 1/4/2019). More than ten thousands of traditional fish like amur, carp, mud carps brought to the event by Vietnam Fisheries Society, Vietnam Fisheries Magazine, and companies and release in Sông Giá River.

In his speech at the event, Hoàng Đình Yên said that Vietnam’s seafood industry saw a growth in many fields during the last time. However, aquatic resources protection and exploitation have not been well managed as exploitation has been going on in a destructive way or during growth cycle of fishes, strange fishes were stocked in the same environment with traditional ones, leaving pollution, declining biological diversity ecosystem and affecting directly general development of the industry.

Aquatic resources need being restored and protected. On the 60th anniversary of traditional day of Vietnam’s Seafood Industry, Vietnam Fisheries Society and its subordinated units together with Hải Phòng Provincial Fisheries Society and local companies in Sông Giá river held this event for aquatic resources development, ecology balance, and biological diversification. This is an opportunity for the Society’s members to realize their important roles in protecting aquatic resources. Besides, with the message “for our lives today and future generations”, the event was to ask organizations, agencies, and people to work together and boost aquatic resource restoration,biological diversification, protect environment, and make fisheries industry develop sustainably.

Chairman of Hải Phòng Provincial Fisheries Society Đậu Văn Cường said that was an annual event. This year the event was held in Sông Giá because this place had influenced local people’s resources, protected aquatic resources and water environment in the area. The event was to propagate natural resources protection and restoration throughout Thủy Nguyên district particularly and Hải Phòng city generally. This is a way to raise local people’s awareness of protecting natural resources and ecology environment and provide job sustainably.


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