Over 1,300ha of shrimp farm destroyed

On June 16, 2022, the Sóc Trăng provincial Sub-department of Fisheries announced an initial report about more than 1,347ha of shrimp farms being destroyed all over the province. 

Early rainy season and low degree of salinity were to blame. Shrimp have shown signs of stunted growth and more and more farming areas have been reported. According to the 2022 plan, Sóc Trăng will achieve 196,000 tons of brackishwater shrimp farm; thus, the province’s agriculture sector has been supporting key localities related to shrimp culture to embrace for negative weather changes and increasingly worked with relevant institutes to adopt proper solutions to the management of shrimp farm in association with the actual situation.

In 2022, Sóc Trăng plans to multiply effective shrimp farming models such as the entirely closed shrimp farm, shrimp – tilapia farming, and two or three stage shrimp culture so that local farmers can apply in shrimp production.

The province will continue to issue environmental survey reports and disease warnings, carry out programs of monitoring diseases possibly infected by post larvae in farming areas and supply sources, promptly inform cooperatives and working groups so that shrimp farmers can actively prevent diseases, continue production, and reduce damages amidst the complicated weather and climate change.


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