Quảng Ninh authories to consecutively seize illegal fishing cases

Vạn Gia border police station found out and seized for the fourth times those who committed to illegal fishing on August 18 and 19, reported QuảngNinh provincial Border Police.

A patrol of Vạn Gia border police station found out as illegal fishing boat in the sea area of VĩnhTrung commune, Móng Cái city on August 19. The wooden fishing boat registered BKS QN-0814 TS was owned and led by Phạm Duy Kiều, failed to present sea fisheries logbook, crew’s address book, and certificate of technical safety for fishing boat. Besides, a timber float owned by Đinh Khác Lý (living in Hải Hà district, Quảng Ninh province) was seized while using thirty box traps for fishing.

Another wooden fishing boat registered BKS QN-8474 and owned by Bùi Huy Kiên (addressed Sông Khoai, Quảng Yên) was seized on August 18. The boat was found out to store and transport electric generator to catch fish. Kiên failed to hand in his professional certificate and sea fisheries logbook.

Then the patrol discovered Đoàn Văn Quân and Nguyễn Thị Thảo (living in Móng Cái) while they were transporting 300 kilograms of clam seeds without origin certificate from Mũi Ngọc to Vĩnh Thực island to sell to Phạm Thị Gái (living in VĩnhTrung commune, Móng Cái city) for her farming.

Vạn Gia border police station set up the minutes and investigating the case.


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