Release baby fish into the wild to restock resources

For Vesak Day, which falls on May 16 this year, the northern province of Vietnam, Tuyên Quang has released baby fish to restock the Lô river and raise awareness of overfishing.
The event was organized by Vietnam Fisheries Society, Vietnam Fisheries Magazine together with Tuyên Quang province’s Buddhist Sangha. The organizers has released silver carp, grass carp, carp… and other species which weighed over 0.3 tones into Lô River, aimed at getting productivity of bred fish back on track.
Hoàng Đình Yên, General Secretary of Vietnam Fisheries Society said that over the last few years, fish and aquaculture sources in Vietnam have been declining, especially indigenous fish species that are in danger of extinction. So, it is important to implement many measures to develop the fisheries sector towards sustainable and environmental protection.
Through this activity, authorities are hoping organizations and individuals jointly protect and develop fisheries resources.


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