The 8th Aquaculture Taiwan Expo & Forum

Organized by Informa Markets Taiwan and co-hosted by the Ministry of Agriculture with strong support from the Tainan City Government, the 8th Aquaculture Taiwan will take place from June 19 to 21 at ICC Tainan, Taiwan.  This international professional trade platform is built on the theme of “Innovation, Environmental Protection, and Sustainability.”

In contrast to marine fishing, aquaculture has been increasingly recognized in recent years as one of the solutions to global food needs. With the Asia-Pacific region being the hub of the global aquaculture industry, Aquaculture Taiwan aims to provide the latest aquaculture technologies, products, and services to address predicted future challenges in aquatic supply.

Sabine Liu, General Manager of Informa Markets Taiwan, stated, “This year’s expo will feature five major highlights: Intelligent Environmental Control Systems, Feed and Functional Additives, Aquatic Animal Disease Detection, IoT Water Quality Monitoring Systems, and the latest Biotechnology.”

Exhibitors in intelligent aquaculture equipment include Gendanio, Major Science, JNC Tech, Chen-ja, LanCore, Hengrui, EarthGen, Mic Meter, National Cheng Kung University, and National Sun Yat-sen University. Products on display will include autonomous cruising intelligent aquaculture drones, highly intensive recirculating aquaculture systems, water recirculation systems, cooling and Aerator equipment, breeding equipment, AI underwater monitoring systems, zero-carbon intelligent controllers, and AI-based green energy saving & automation aquaculture systems, etc.

Manufacturers of feed, functional additives, and disease detection, including Giant Bio, Biomixin, Aqua Fortuna, Gene Code, Vetnostrum, Total Nutrition, Hanaqua Tech, and the National Taiwan Ocean University. They will showcase products such as probiotics that effectively inhibit viruses, lipoplex oral delivery platform for high quality aquatic seedlings, real-time shrimp disease detection systems, antibiotic-free aquaculture solutions, and a full range of feed probiotic combination products for lobster farming, featuring properties that reduce growth periods, improve feed conversion rates, increase survival rates, and reduce water pollution.

The latest aquaculture biotechnology includes the world’s first oral gender regulation technology, developed by Kend Biotechnology, applicable to various aquatic species such as Thai shrimp, mullet, grouper and ayu. In addition to equipment and products, Hanaqua’s professional team will provide aquaculture services.

Beyond the diverse and rich technologies and products that meet the needs of industry professionals, the expo will also invite experts and scholars to host the “Innovative Aquaculture Management Seminar” and the “Aquaculture Taiwan Seminar,” sharing popular topics such as biotechnology and intelligent aquaculture. On the third day, the Aquaculture Development Association will host a professional course on “A Prevention and Treatment to Common Disorders and Diseases of Fish”.  Industry professionals are welcomed to participation.

The 8th “Aquaculture Taiwan” will be held concurrently with the “Livestock Taiwan” Expo” and “Asia Agri-Tech Expo & Forum.” Online registration for visitors is now open. For more information, please visit the official website at or contact Ms. Sophia Lu or Rita Hung at +886-2-2738-3898 or via email at

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