Vietnam and Norway cooperate for sustainable development of marine culture

During the official visit to Hanoi, Vietnam paid by State Secretary of the Norway Ministry of Trade Industry & Fisheries Erling Rimestad on Feb 28, 2023, the Norwegian Ambassador in Hanoi cooperated with Vietnam’s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development held a Seminar “Vietnam – Norway: Opportunity for cooperation in aquaculture and exports”.

In his speech at the seminar, State Secretary Erling Rimestad highly appreciated the bilateral relationship between two countries in many fields, especially their effective cooperation in fisheries.

“Norway and Vietnam pay attention to fair and sustainable development of the fisheries amidst increasing global challenges, especially climate change. Technology advances will play a vital role in success; accordingly, new opportunities will be paved so that our relationship will be strengthened”, said Erling Rimestad.
Ambassador of Norway to Vietnam Hilde Solbakken said that Norway was proud of the cooperation with

Vietnam in fisheries, aquaculture, and marine and regarded it as the highlight of the 50 year friendship and relationship between the two countries.

“Vietnam’s strategy in fisheries development up to 2030, vision to 2045, issued by the Prime Minister of the Government in 2021 involves reducing natural exploitation and boosting aquaculture in suitable areas. Vietnam is a country full of potential in sustainable and responsible aquaculture”, said Ambassador Hilde Solbakken.

Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Phùng Đức Tiến said that Vietnam’s fisheries industry is stepping into a new stage of development. The seafood export value hit a new record high, about USD 11 billion, in 2022, up 23.8% from 2021, bringing Vietnam to the position as the third biggest seafood exporters in the world. In 2022, Vietnam was the biggest importer of Norwegian seafood in Southeast Asia with about 50,000 tons being bought; salmon was the most consumed species, up 49% as compared to 2021.

Speaking at the seminar South-East Asia director of the Norwegian Seafood Council Asbjørn Warvik Rørtveit shared the successful story of Norwegian salmon: “The key to Norway’s aquaculture is the combination between traditional knowledge and advanced technology, and environmental protection is the first feature”.

“By mutual cooperation, two countries can develop Vietnam’s fisheries for green and sustainable assurance, from which the industry developers will be inspired for further innovation and Norway and Vietnam will become successful and responsible countries”, said Warvik Rørtveit.

At the seminar, the Norwegian Seafood Council (NSC) announced their action plan in Vietnam; accordingly, NSC will boost their trade promotion activities in Vietnam so that more and more consumers are aware of Norwegian seafood. NSC also builds programs and plans for meeting, connecting and boosting trade activities among exporting and importing companies of the two countries.


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