Vietnam and China strengthen sustainability of seafood resources in Tonkin

Representatives of Vietnamese and Chinese agriculture ministries have are engaged in an efforts to boost the sustainability of shared ocean in the Gulf of Tonkin.

Two sides released more than 41 million fish of different kinds on Monday on the Beilun River in Dongxing City of south China’s Guangxi province on the Việt Nam – China border.

Vietnamese Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Vũ Văn Tám, who headed Việt Nam’s delegation to the event said that the co-operation in the Gulf of Tonkin has been positive.

For his part, Chinese Deputy Agriculture Minister Yu Kangzhen said the two countries can support each other in fishery development. He also noted that Tonkin Gulf fishery resource development will help deepen Việt Nam’s and China’s co-operation in fishing, seed cultivation, feed research and other areas while building stable long-term mechanisms.

The Gulf of Tonkin is a body of water located off the coast of northern Vietnam and southern China. It is defined in the west by the northern coastline of Vietnam, in the north by China’s Guangxi province, and to the east by China’s Leizhou Peninsula and Hainan Island.


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