VietShrimp 2024 is coming very soon

The Vietnam Aquaculture International Fair (VietShrimp 2024) is a large-scale event in the country and the region that will take place from March 20 to 22 at the Convention Center of Cà Mau Province; at the middle of the shrimp season in the Mekong Delta provinces. According to the Organizing Committee, all preparations for this important event have entered the final stages, ready for the opening day.

For the first time, VietShrimp is being held in Cà Mau Province, which is considered the capital of the shrimp industry nationwide. This event is expected to promote the image of Vietnamese shrimp, as well as the shrimp sector of Cà Mau and other Mekong Delta provinces to domestic and international visitors. With the theme “In  company with shrimp farmers“, VietShrimp 2024 has attracted the attention of the media as well as businesses and shrimp farmers.

To ensure the success of the program, the Organizing Committee, together with related units in Cà Mau Province, has actively coordinated and organized numerous meetings to discuss and agree on tasks and implementation contents. In particular, information and propaganda about this event have been promoted on various media platforms,  booths and exhibition spaces have been quickly implemented.

According to the Organizing Committee, so far, tent frames, roofing, partition walls, and air conditioning for booths have been all installed. 90% standard booths have been constructed and installed . Self-constructed booths were arranged on March 16 to receive the site and begin construction. As for the preparations for the opening ceremony in the morning of March 20, the Organizing Committee has signed contracts with relevant units, completed the opening ceremony script, guest list, speeches, and ribbon cutting. As for the seminar, all presentation topics and reports have been received, and the program framework for the 4 sessions over the 3 exhibition days has been completed; representatives of invited guests and chairmen of corporations have agreed to participate as speakers.

It can be seen that the atmosphere of VietShrimp 2024 is approaching, the business community and the public are eagerly awaiting the opening day of this exhibition and fair. With 4 very successful editions, VietShrimp 2024 promises to bring a valuable exhibition space, becoming an unmissable promotional and business networking activity for the seafood industry community, particularly shrimp, in the region and worldwide.


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