Hà Tĩnh: Shrimp price reduced drastically, many ponds left empty

Price of white-leg shrimp reduced drastically, leaving nearly 100 ponds in Cẩm Dương commune left empty without restocking their ponds.

Numbers of football playground-sized-ponds have been left empty for several months in Trung Đoài, Liên Hương, Bắc Thành communes (Cẩm Dương, Cẩm Xuyên).

“Price of 85,000 VND per kilogram (3.4 USD) of 100 shrimp was so slow that farmers abandon their ponds”, shared Nguyễn Trọng Quyết, member of Quyết Tiến co-operative which had 19 farming ponds of total 6 hectares. Only 7 ponds are used to avoid the damage of machines and ponds while the rests are left empry. Farmers have suffered serious loss due to low price which is half less than that in the same period last year. Meanwhile, price of material for shrimp farming has increased.

Unused machines in shrimp ponds have been damaged

Cẩm Dương aquaculture cooperative in Trung Đoài commune reduced its scale from 20 ponds to 8 ponds. Director Nguyễn Văn Đồng said “During this crop, more than 30 tons of shrimps were harvested but farmers lost 100 million VND due to low price. We are now seeding only five ponds”.

According to official statistics in 2017, Cẩm Dương had 17 shrimp households with total square of thirty-five hectares which is now ten hectares and around 100 ponds have left empty in months.


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