New technology transfer in shrimp farming

In Cần Thơ, Vietnam Fishery Society has worked with Provincial Fishery Society of Mekong Delta and aquaculture businesses to hold a seminar titled new technology introduction and transfer for shrimp farming.

The seminar was held to introduce new technology and advanced technique solutions to shrimp farming and create favorable conditions for businesses and shrimp facilities to meet technology companies so that they can discuss in detail how to transfer and apply new technology in shrimp farms.

Standing Vice Chairman of Vietnam Fishery Society Phạm Anh Tuấn said “Local shrimp farmers are facing challenges of passive juvenile andfeed source, antibiotics abuse, primitive infrastructure, loose chain among stages, and demanding markets. Thus, shrimp farms need advanced technologies like Iquatic and Eco-ras to minimize production cost and satisfy export requirements.

In Tuấn’s opinion, these two technologies introduced at the seminar will help farmers manage water quality in growing ponds, oxygen, environment, and monthly power reduction. Besides, shrimps will be traceable and qualified enough for export with market price being reduced, and bring higher benefits to farmers.


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