Stipulate three key farmed species of fisheries industry

The new-issued Decision by the Government stipulates three key species of fisheries industry including Pangasianodon hypophthalmus, Penaeusmonodon and Litopenaeus vannamei.

The Decision stipulates that major farmed species must satisfy these conditions: listed in Vietnam’s permitted species for trade; create job and high income for farmers; facilitate the Nation’s natural resources and conditions, and climate change adaptation; bring high capacity; eligible for investment attraction to develop alarge-scale and high-tech production area; create high value-added products; be competitive against imported species in the domestic market and eligible for export with export value reaching at least 100 million USD per year.

Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development is assigned to build and manage the strategy, plan and project for development of key species in the whole country in order to integrate into the sector planning system of provinces, regions, and nation. A periodical report on key species development results must be submitted to Prime Minister. Provincial People’s Committees are assigned to build and manage locality strategy, plan and project for development of key farmed species, then heading in direction of land planning in districts.

Besides, individuals and organizations register their farming of key species under regulations. They will be provided with information and results of environment survey and development conditions upon their requests.


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