Tuyên Quang: Loss 35 fish cages valued at VNĐ 4 billion due to discharged hydropower water

35 floating cages of a farm in the lower course of Gâm River, Chiêm Hóa district have been swept away when Tuyên Quang hydropower plant discharged the water.

Torrential rain in Tuyên Quang, which is still ongoing has caused Tuyên Quang hydropower plant’s reservoir was in danger of overflowing. In order to save the reservoir, Tuyên Quang hydropower plant decided to stop operations and release water toward lower course of Gâm River.

35 floating fish cages of Bùi Phương Diện in Đầu Cầu town, Yên Lập commune, Chiêm Hóa district (toward lower course of Tuyên Quang hydropower plant) is fast disappearing, swept away in the high lever of lower water and strong water flow. These fish cages got stuck in Chiêm Hóa hydropower dam which located about 1 km of the fish farm, causing a mass die-offs of Asian catfish, red tilapia, tilapia which worth more than VNĐ 4 billion ($200,000).

The provincial authorities and local residents supported Diện to anchor his fishing cages safely. However, almost fish cages were destroyed and unable to recover from damage. Nguyễn Công Nông, Manager of provincial Agriculture and Rural Development Department said that in recent days, the water discharged by Tuyên Quang hydropower plant has caused flooding in the region and damaged many home, infrastructure and crops.


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