Vietnam’s Fishery sector: Beat off challenge, achieve impressive results

2021 is considered a successful year of the agriculture industry, fisheries included with the unexpected export value. However, there remain obstacles pulling back the development of the industry. What should be done to overcome these obstacles?

Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development Lê Minh Hoan

The agriculture industry has been promoting its value

The agriculture industry will continue to promote what they achieved in 2021 and move in the main direction of development, including using further technologies, boosting the digital transformation, diversifying the exporting markets, changing agricultural production thinking into agricultural economic thinking.

The agriculture industry has been promoting its value, especially amid the negative impacts of pandemic and climate change. The achievements of the industry in 2021 was driven by the companionship of the whole society and prompt institutions by the Government.

Nevertheless, despite some achievements such as export value of USD 48.6 billion and growth speed of 2.8%, the agriculture industry has to face problems. Some come from the world, and some come from the industry itself such as the yellow card, retailers, and spontaneous farmers.

The sustainable strategy in agriculture development, tasks, and the development of a rotating economic agriculture model and green agriculture will be paid special attention to by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. So as to fulfill this mission, the industry really needs the companionship of the whole system.

Marc Le Poul (General Director of Nutreco Vietnam & Skretting Excellence Asia)

Expect new opportunities for the fishery sector 

2021 was the year full of challenges to the fisheries industry. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Vietnam showed their strength and mobilized resources to fight against the pandemic better than other countries.

I just want to say how grateful and admirable I am to Skretting’s colleagues and partners for their bravery in fighting against the pandemic in months to maintain the provision of food and services. That is a remarkable achievement. Despite difficulties ahead, we still keep hoping and looking forwards to new opportunities.

We need to focus on building the fisheries in a new way to adapt to the emerging practices better. Shorter supply chain should be built, domestic materials should be used, high quality shrimp and fish must be sold to local consumers, the role of farmers and their contribution must be recognized and honored. We should keep moving forward and raising new ideas to develop the fishery industry responsibly in the next few years.

Boonlap Watcharawanitchakul (Senior Deputy General Director of C.P Vietnam)

Promote the strength and strong willingness of Vietnam

COVID-19 pandemic was the most frequently used word in 2021. The spread of the pandemic left serious impacts on the economy and society, including the fisheries. Despite difficulties, the shrimp sector achieved remarkable results at the end of the year with a worth of USD 3.9 billion, up 4% as compared to the same period last year.

I think this result was driven by prompt support by the Government and the solidarity of the whole companies and every single person.

We, C.P Vietnam, always use a bird’s eye view when working out a business strategy and are well prepared for resources. Because we understand that no matter how the situation is, challenges always come. Being an enterprise providing solutions to large sized shrimp farming and high profit making, we always research and develop modern products and farming models with an aim to bring the most effectiveness to our customers.

Thus, despite difficulties, C.P Vietnam’s customers earn profit thanks to large sized shrimp farming and effective risk control.


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