Initial benefit from co-management of coastal fishery management

Fifteen teams of coastal fishery co-managementhave been founded in KhánhHòa. The system has brought initial benefits and preserved coastal resources of seafood.

A lot of fishermen in Ninh Ích commune (Ninh Hòa town) used banned fishing gears in Nha Phu pond in years, where has been the generative area of various species. The use of banned gears caused bad impact to the reproduction and growth of shrimp, fishe, and scallop, leaving serious depletion of seafood resources here. As supported from the Coastal Resources For Sustainable Development Project, local authorities set up two teams of coastal fishery co-management in 2015. Fishermen’s awareness has been raised since then, the use of banned fishing gears has been reduced and fishermen worked well together to protect the fishing ground.

Ninh Hải ward (Ninh Hòa town) has got four teams of coastal fishery co-management. Vice Chairman of Ninh Hòa People’s Committee said that the teams had worked with local authorities to go on patrols and handle illegal exploitation cases. Public awareness about seafood resources conservation has been raised. Fishermen are no longer using explosive and electric. The teams play as a bridge to connect fishermen and local authorities.

According to leaders of Management Board of Coastal Resources for Sustainable Development Project (CRSD), there are 15 teams of coastal fishery co-management founded in significant areas of KhánhHòa. They carried out hundreds of coastal patrols to prevent fishing boats from illegal exploitation and reduce banned fishing activities in the province.

There are more than 5,500 fishing boats with capacity under 20CV. According to some representatives from these teams, the portion of setting up co-management teams (under CSRD project) was to raise public awareness and ability. The expenses to maintain these teams were funded by the project. However, the portion is now terminated and the teams are no longer funded for patrols and preventions outside boats from entering the local fishing ground. Meanwhile fishermen hesitate to give their own money to maintain these activities.

Manager of Sub-department of Fisheries Nguyễn Trọng Chánh said that these teams need funding to maintain their function and operations. Members of these teams should be handed some ground to manage and get beneficial fishing. More co-management teams should be founded in all coastal areas around the province and they are considered key factors in marine resources conservation and coastal environment protection.


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