Kiên Giang: Seafood price rose sharply

According to Kiên Giang provincial department of Agriculture and Rural development, seafood prices are inching up, especially coastal fish.

In 2022, farmers of Kiên Giang installed 3,890 fish cages which produced about 3,535 tons and spent 23,950ha of land on mollusks which produced about 74,465 tons, and use around 100ha of land, mainly around Phú Quốc island, to culture pearls, producing approximately 70,000 pearls.

Fish cages are installed mainly in Lại Sơn, An Sơn and Nam Du islands (Kiên Hải district); Tiên Hải (Hải Tặc islands of Hà Tiên city); Gành Dầu, Hàm Ninh, An Thới, Thổ Châu (Phú Quốc city) and Sơn Hải commune (of Kiên Lương district).

The price of lanceolate goby ranges around 170,000 dong/kg in Kiên Giang, with the highest price being brown-marbled grouper, spotted grouper, and black grouper), up 30% from earlier this year. The price of cobia, scomberoides, and snub-nuse Pompano ranges between 150,000 – 180,000 dong/kg (up about 35%).

The mitten crab is sold at 300,000 dong/kg, and the price of mud crab ranges between 220,000 – 250,000 dong/kg in An Minh, Vĩnh Thuận, and U Minh Thượng districts.

The price of eel, frog, and amyda cartilaginea rises by 20-30% in Gò Quao and Giồng Riềng districts.

Kiên Giang stocked about 125,000 ha of brackishwater shrimp and 60,000 ha of freshwater shrimp this year in Kiên Giang. The price of black tiger shrimp and white leg shrimp ranges between 120,000 and 140,000 dong/kg (size 30 pcs/kg) while the price of giant river prawn type 1 and 2 stays at 110,000 – 150,000 dong/kg.

So as to reduce damages caused by fluctuation of saltwater, local authorities are encouraging farmers to replace traditional cages with HDPE plastic cages originated from Australia and Switzerland thanks to the water controlling system.


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