Shrimp price increase sharply in western provinces

Seafood factories are facing a lack of material and shrimp farms are damaged by the weather, resulting in a sharp increase in prices of white leg shrimp in western provinces.

On July 01, two ponds of white leg shrimp located at Vàm Hồ hamlet of An Thạnh Nam commune, Cù Lao Dung district were harvested by an unit of an enterprise in Trần Đề district. As many as 18 tons of 70 count shrimp were reported, farmers earned about 1 billion dong.

Lưu Trường Giang, a business representative of Tấn Phát Seafood Corporation in Sóc Trăng, said that 70 count white leg shrimp were sold at 120,000 dong/kg. The 20 count white leg shrimps were sold at 225,000 dong/kg.

“We buy white leg shrimp at 2,000-5,000 dong/kg higher than last week. Seafood factories are facing a lack of material, resulting in a continuing increase in shrimp prices”, said Trường Giang. 

Meanwhile, leaders of the Sóc Trăng provincial sub-department of Fisheries said that prices of white leg shrimp, size 20-70 count, are 2,000-14,000 dong higher than the same period last year; prices of shrimp size 80-100 pcs/kg are 22,000-24,000 higher than last year. Prices of shrimp size 110-130 pcs/kg have stayed the same.

In Sóc Trăng, over 46,780 ha of shrimps have been stocked since earlier this year, reaching 62.4% of the plan (equal to 126% of the same period last year). The output of harvested shrimp is estimated to reach 61,217 tons over the last six months.

More than 73.6ha of shrimp farm were damaged this week, mainly in Mỹ Xuyên district. The accumulated area of the damaged shrimp farm has reached 1,656 ha, accounting for 4.5% of the stocking area (265 ha larger than the same period last year).


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