Apply digital traceability technique for seafood products

Applying digital traceability techniques not only eliminates the IUU fishing activities, but also facilitates the seafood going to countries in the world.

With an effort to remove the “yellow card” warning given by the European Commission and satisfy the recommendations made by them, coastal provinces have been strictly deploying the certification of exploitation and traceability of seafood products. Most offshore fishing boats have been complying with requirements of recording and handing in logbooks as stipulated by the Fisheries Law. However, fishermen, companies and management agencies have faced difficulties with written logbooks.

Thus, the Center for Marinelife Conservation and Community Development (MCD) worked with the Directorate of Fisheries carried out pilot applying digital logbooks and traceability (eCDT). This is a part of the project “Applying and experimenting technologies in exploitation and traceability in Vietnam” sponsored by USAID Oceans. Bình Định is targeted as the first province taking part in the trial of 10 tuna fishing boats owned by Hoài Nhơn farmers.


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