Bà Rịa – Vũng Tàu: Some achievements from high technology appliance in aquaculture 2017-2020

High technology application in aquaculture has shown good results, triggering the continuing development of Bà Rịa – Vũng Tàu’s fishery sector in compliance with High technology application up to 2025.

As for raft aquaculture: the province has more than 500 facilities related to raft aquaculture. As many as 1,500 tons of aquatic fish reared in rafts, mainly in Vũng Tàu city and Phú Mỹ town. More and more advanced technologies have been applied in aquaculture such as the automatic feeder, automatic environmental survey system, modern farming cages similar to ocean farming cages which can resist strong winds and waves, and automatic oxygen aerator.

As for brackish water shrimp farming: as of July 2020, the province has 17 households related to hitech shrimp culture (total 400ha/2500 tons/year). Some high technology based farming models of white leg shrimp and black tiger shrimp can afford a stocking density which is 2-5 times higher than normal, the density can reach 500pcs/m2. Even though a hitech farm requires a large amount of money at the starting point, 5 billion dong/ha on average depending on farming scale, it can produce up to 100-150 tons/ha/year because shrimps are reared in an entirely closed system, weigh up well without disease outbreaks. Minh Phú company and Liên Giang facility have got some success from this model. Hitech in shrimp farms in Bà Rịa Vũng Tàu involves oxygen aerators (using Nano-Tube), automatic environmental surveying machines, Israel’s techniques which are adjusted to suit local situation, three requirements of cleanness: clean post larvae, clean water, clean pond bottom and entirely closed water system, closed and circulating system in the membrane house; CPF-Combine model, Biogas treatment system, two-phase and three-phase intensive shrimp culture in a round inland pond. This can increase the survival rate by more than 80% compared to 65-70% of traditional ponds. Hitech application can save the total land area, the amount of water during the whole process, enable facilities to do many crops per year and well control environmental factors.

Production of aquatic breed in Bà Rịa – Vũng Tàu: more than 10 organizations and individuals have been produced SPF post larvae upon hitech application following a modern process and scale where farms are carefully invested and built and shrimp broodstocks are directly imported from Singapore, Thailand and the US with an aim to produce 4-5 billion SPF post larvae. The application of technology in aquaculture such as an entirely closed microbiological culture, water treatment by RO and UF, RO water treatment system to filter salinity (developed by Phước Hải company), cleaning water environment in artificial nursery ponds by probiotics (minimize the use of drugs and chemical substances to treat the water environment) so as to reduce production costs, improve the quality of broodstocks, achieving the plan of production and providing farmers with SPF broodstocks.

The province has around 18 facilities of aquaculture and broodstock production with a 400ha shrimp farm being applied with high technology over a total of 7,200ha of aquaculture. Thus, hitech aquaculture area accounts for around 5.6% of the total farming area in the province.


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