From March 20th to 21st, 2024, the VietShrimp 2024 Aquaculture International  Fair  will take place in Cà Mau City, with the participation of the Directorate of Fisheries, Associations, and leading experts in the fisheries industry in Vietnam and worldwide.

In company with shrimp farmers

The VietShrimp 2024 Conference Program is jointly organized by the Directorate of Fisheries of Vietnam, the Vietnam Fisheries Association (VINAFIS), and the Vietnam Fisheries Magazine. Under the theme “In Company with Shrimp Farmers,” the VietShrimp 2024 conference will offer in-depth and diverse content, opening up various approaches and new solutions for the shrimp industry in Vietnam.

According to the agenda, the VietShrimp 2024 Conference Program will run continuously for two days, bringing together professors, doctors, experts, and industry pioneers in the fisheries sector. The conference serves not only as a scientific forum with in-depth and diverse content but also as an opportunity for businesses and aquaculture farmers to exchange, debate, and learn.

The VietShrimp 2024 Conference Program

There will be a total of 04 sessions revolving around the themes of “Research on Technology transfer application promoting Circular Economy in the  Vietnamese shrimp value chain,” “Dialogue on Low-emission and Sustainable Shrimp Industry through the Circular Economy,” “Quality improvement and Value enhancement,” and “Achieving the Highest efficiency in shrimp farming.”

On March 20th, during the opening session of the conference on “Research on Technology transfer application promoting Circular Economy in the  Vietnamese shrimp value chain,” chaired by Trần Đình Luân, Director of the Directorate of Fisheries, several presentations will address issues of high interest, including: Overview of the Vietnamese shrimp value chain from a circular economy perspective by the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Challenges and opportunities of Vietnamese shrimp in 2024 by the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Technological solutions for Vietnamese shrimp products: Towards circular economy by WWF, Skretting Vietnam and their ambition towards net-zero emission aquaculture, Application of biotechnology in shrimp farming to reduce emissions by Tomota, Nutritional solutions and technologies to enhance competitiveness and sustainable development for the Vietnamese shrimp industry by De Heus Group, Circular economy in shrimp processing by Vietnam Food, Holistic approach to shrimp farming by Cargill Group.

Expanding business in the Fisheries Industry with VIETSHRIMP 2024

At VietShrimp 2024, businesses can develop and expand their operations with numerous new opportunities: Direct connection with industry-leading businesses, experts, and leaders in the fisheries sector; Display, introduction, and promotion of products directly to over 20,000 seafood industry customers; Shorten production and sales cycles through new connectivity applications; Stay updated on market news in Vietnam and worldwide; Enhance and refine professional knowledge through academic conferences…

The VietShrimp 2024 Exhibition will feature the participation of prominent companies in the fisheries industry such as Minh Phu, Nutreco, Uni-president, Cargill, Thang Long, Grobest, Lallemand, Vinh Thinh Biostadt, DSM Nutritional, Tomota, Vietnam Food, Hendrix Genetics, Entobel, ASC, Blue Aqua, Vemedim, Adisseo, Olmix, BCF, SyAqua, Mixscience, BQ&Q, I&V, Thai Nam Vietnam…

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