Vietnam Fisheries Society vigorously protests illegal activities of China

Two fishing boats of Quảng Ngãi were consecutively hit and robbed by a Chinese ship numbered 46101, leaving some people injured and the boat damaged. Vietnam Fisheries Society vigorously protests these illegal activities.

Quảng Ngãi provincial Fisheries Society reported at 9h00 on August 07th 2018, a fishing boat numbered QNg 90546 owned by Trịnh Văn Vinh from Bình Châu commune, Bình Sơn district was fishingat coordinate 16031’North – 1120’E in Hoàng Sa territorial waters before being hit and sunk by a Chinese ship numbered 46101. Fortunately, the whole crew was saved and taken back to the land safely by Nguyễn Hòa, shipowner of the QNg 90693 boat.

At 8pm on August 03rd 2018, a QNg 90659 fishing boat owned by Võ Tấn Ảnh and led by Võ Văn Tân together with 8 fishermen was operating in Hoàng Sa waters before being intentionally hit, damaged, and robbed by a China’s white boat numbered 46101, leaving damages of around 300 million dong.

These are extremely illegal activities of Chinese ships which are being accused and vigorously protested by Vietnam Fisheries Society (VFS). Vietnam’s competent authorities are being requested by VFS to ask China to promptly stop their prevention, robbery and sinking against Vietnamese fishing boats, besides, fiercely fight against their violation of Vietnamese territorial waters. Additionally, patrol forces and securities must be enhanced to support and protect fishermen’s lives and assets, moreover, prevent the same activities in the future.


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