Khánh Hòa: Extra 27 fishing boats in operation

Since the performance of policy of fisheries development under Decree no.67 and 17, thirty fishing boats (27 newly built and 3 improved) have come into operation in Khánh Hòa and another is being built, reports Khánh Hòa provincial department of Agriculture and Rural Development.

To fulfill Decision no.48 by Prime Minister about some policies to encourage and support marine exploitation, aquaculture and offshore fishing, Khánh Hòa authorities have reviewed, approved, and supported fuel, equipment, communication machines and insurance contracts to 1,924 trips by 515 fishing boats, worth nearly 146 billion dong.

Exploited production in 2018 reached approximately 98,000 tons, up 2.83% compared to the previous year while farmed production was 10,500 tons, down 16.77%. Total area invested into aquaculture was 4,000ha, down 17.9% because farmers did not have enough money to re-invest into their ponds after damages by storm no.2 in 2017.


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