Khánh Hòa: Farmed lobster found dead, farmers rushed to sell all out

Many lobsters,which weighed up to 1kg each, were found dead in Vân Phong Bay, making farmers rush to sell all out. They are badly suffering from the loss of billions dong.

Farmer Lê Thành Vinh in Vạn Thạnh commune (Vạn Ninh district) had 200 cages of 20,000 lobsters which had been reared for eight months on Vân Phong Bay. Since last month they have been moving slowly and stopped eating. Their abdominal segments turned from white to opalescent. Some had their gill turn to dark and then die. All lobster that were found dead reached one kilogram each. “One kilogram is usually sold at 1.5 million dong, now it is 400,000 dong”, said Vinh.

Trương Văn Việt in Vạn Hưng commune had 190 cages with 10,800 pcs. Dead lobster weighed up 1-1.6kg each. “Very few lobsters were found dead, but we had to sell out as there were more. We lost nearly 4 billion dong”, said Việt.

According to Vạn Ninh People’s Committee, the damage from dead lobsters still remains unknown as lobster farming households stayed in scatter areas. The result of tested samples shows the cause to death of serious lobsters is high stocking density, polluted water and lack of oxygen. Vạn Ninh district has now 9,800 cages of lobster on Vân Phong Bay where is considered the “lobster capital” in the South Central Coast. Over 12 thousands cages was wiped out by typhoon Damrey on Noverber 2017.


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