Nam Định: bumper harvest from the south season

Nam fish crop is within six months from April to October. Nam Định has had a bumper harvest of Nam fish, 3.4% more than last year.

According to Nam Định Fisheries Sub-department, there are 2,127 boats with total capacity of 257,632 CV and 5,738 fishermen working on board. There are 1,243 boats with capacity less than 20CV (58.4%); 163 ones between 20CV and 90CV (7.7%), and 721 ones more than 90CV (33.9%).

Manager of Nam Định Fisheries Sub-department Hoàng Mạnh Hà said the weather this year created favorable conditions for production of in the south season. Since natural disaster prevention and control and search and rescue activities were well prepared, fishermen braced themselves for disaster such as storms and tropical dipression. “Thus exploited fish in the south season of the whole province in 2018 is expected to reach 28,644 tons with 27,644 tons from brackish and saline water and 1,107 tons from fresh water, up 3.4% as compared to the previous year. In the south season, fishes were exploited mainly in the Gulf of Tonkin, most of them were mackerel, cuttlefish and low commercial value fishes”, said Hà.

The boats are managed in teams, units, groups which are associated with logistic services to have full support against the fluctuation of fuel, raw material and selling price. By September 15, the province has got 18 groups of 364 exploiting boats and 1,500 labors.

Hà said that exploitation in the north season (2018-2019) is expected to reach 19,705 tons, up 6% as compared to the previous season (2017-2018). The yield from offshore fishing would be 18,685 tons, and inshore 1,020 tons. Fishermen are working with an aim to increase the yield from offshore fishing while decrease from inshore. They concentrate on high commercial value species such as mackerel and cuttlefish.


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