Seafood supply gets traceability boost back

Coastal areas continue to check up on farming areas to update technologies for food safety, labor and biology assurance, develop seafood products that required certification and traceability.

To follow the direction of marine development in the Resolution of the Central Party Committee 12th, session no.8, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) requests authorities of coastal areas to give farmers and companies the instructions of marine production and development.

Coastal provinces continue to check up on farming areas near the beach to update technology and cage design to adapt to climate change. Farmers are suggested to use industrial feed for food safety, labor, biology, and environment assurance. Besides, they are changing to produce seafood that can be certified and traced back.

Local authorities are boosting offshore farming industry and forming centrally-planned products which help farmers to create sustainable sector for food safety and high quality assurance. Brand-name products will satisfy requirements of local customers and foreign buyers. Marine resources must be used positively for sustainable development and international integration assurance. Farming must be paid attention together with climate change adaptation, biodiversity and conservation, environment protection, and national sovereignty.

As for 2019-2020, MARD requests local authorities to review and develop some policies that will support and encourage economic groups and large companies to participate into suitable value chain of marine farming. Offshore farming will be developed from 2020 in association with competitive companies.

According to MARD, marine farming has been a rapid development, playing an important part for the growth of seafood industry. The ministry is submitting the project “strategy for Vietnam’s marine farming development to 2020, vision 2030” for Prime Minister’s approval.


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