Bình Định proposes for a high-tech shrimp farming area

Bình Định province is proposing Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Department to submit the Government a plan of making Mỹ Thành coastline in Phù Mỹ district, Bình Định province a high-tech shrimp farming area.

Bình Định is planning to turn coastal areas in Phù Mỹ district into a center of producing and supplying commercial shrimps and high quality post larvae. Farmed shrimps must satisfy export requirements of hard markets. Companies that invest into this field will be entitled to some preferential policy of investment procedures or plans.

Water sources of Phù Mỹ district have high levels of salinity and many areas have not been used effectively. Meanwhile, some shrimp farming areas in Bình Định are facing pollution of water environment, leaving low production.


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